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The college is dedicated with a vision to provide hi-tech health care delivery system to the society by well trained nursing professionals, having required knowledge, skill and attitude in their profession, exchanging those from other leading nations also.


Having an idea of providing hi-tech health care delivery system to our Indian society, the nursing student of this institution are trained by nursing experts in both community and clinical areas. The faculty takes up continuing education, which leads to outstanding innovative and motivated educators, administrators and health care providers. They are trained in a 300 bedded specialty and super specialty hospital and also in some of leading national hospitals, for specialized areas of training. The resource persons from nursing field within in the country and abroad are utilized their potentials optimistically through a series of seminar, workshop, conference, symposium, group discussion, etc.


The college of nursing should impart nursing education that should provide sound mental, moral social & physical growth.

  • College of Nursing Staff believe that the college of Nursing provide education to prepare the nurse to make critical judgments in determining appropriate nursing action with speed, accuracy, safety, human warmth & Prevention of illness, promotion of health, therapeutic care & rehabilitation.
  • We believe that the college of nursing should prepare the candidate to provide quality of care in the clinical areas ( both in community& hospital)
  • We recognize that we have responsibility in helping the student to develop competency in the profession & guiding them with full power with respect to her future in nursing.
  • We believe that our college of nursing education provides education to hold the leadership qualities wherever needed.
  • We believe that the practice of nursing as described by INC required good understanding of basic scientific principles.
  • We recognize that the students will be equipped with competency in clinical areas, problem solving, critical and competence to take challenges in nursing.
  • We believe that the need based studies in various settings & utilize the research findings to improve the quality of care in problem solved approach.
  • We recognize that nursing is a profession is influenced by advances in science & technology.
  • We believe that nursing education advances in for with medical science to provide care in the prevention, promotive, early detection & rehabilitative service rented to the individual and family.
  • We recognize the need of global & also we are preparing the nurse to competency.
  • We believe that we are responsible for all around department of the student.
  • We believe to prepare the nurses for Higher education like M. Sc., (N), M.Phil, Ph.D.


  1. To understand the basic Principles of nursing.
  2. To maintain optimum health and develop skills in meeting the health needs of the individuals, family and community in all settings of health care systems.
  3. To describe the national health care system, the historical development of nursing.
  4. To prepare nurses with a sound educational programme in nursing to enable them to function as efficient members of the health team beginning with the competencies for first level positions in all kinds of health care settings.
  5. To identify the factors influencing the development of nursing as a Profession with the ethical and legal aspects.
  6. To demonstrate beginning skill for effective communication and establish desirable interpersonal relationships in the hospital community and other healthcare agencies.
  7. To help nurses develop an ability to co-operate and co-ordinate with members of the health of disease, promotion of health and rehabilitation of the sick.
  8. To help nurses in their personal and professional development, so that they are able to make maximum contribution. So that society as useful and productive individuals, citizens as well as efficient nurses.
  9. To serve as a base for further professional education and specialization in nursing.
  10. To prepare nurses to keep pace with latest professional and technological developments and use these for providing nursing care services.
  11. To provide opportunities this would enable the student to function as an effective individual.
  12. To prepare the students with guidance to take up leadership positions in teaching and nursing practice in hospital and community health agencies.
  13. To provide opportunities and experiences which would enable the students to develop and maintain effective interpersonal relationship with professional and non-professional personal.
  14. To provide the student with experiences and opportunities which would enable and motivate the nurse to enlarge her capacity for her own professional growth and recontribute towards the improvement and growth of nursing.
  15. To conduct need base research studies & utilize the research findings to improve the quality of care. Demonstrate awareness interest contribute towards advancement of self and the profess.

Academic Control

G.O. : Diploma G.O (Ms) No:212
College G.O (Ms) No: 220
Dated :03.07.2008
Dated :13.06.2007
TNC : School. Ref No.3013/NC?2011
INC : School.F.No.02/JUN/2012
College F.No.02/JUN/2012
Dated ;29.06.2012
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